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Failed to file Form 8854 – Now What?

In order to cease being a U.S. resident for tax purposes, simply filing I-407 (renounce Green Card) or giving up citizenship at the U.S. embassy, is not enough. The key in the entire operation is Form 8854. This article will address a few interesting scenarios, and how to proceed in order to mitigate your U.S. tax issues.

So, in order to stop being a U.S. person for tax purposes, you need to file form 8854. This begs the question – what do you need to do to file form 8854? You must have filed 5 years of tax returns.

No income to report, do I have to file 5 years of returns?

Yes – 5 years are required for 8854, even if not required to file (NRF) otherwise.

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