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Self Employed Americans in Italy – Read Carefully!

Like many other western countries, Italy has a Totalization agreement with the US. Amongst other things, what this means in plain English is that if you pay into the social security system of the foreign country as a self-employed individual, you do not have to pay into the U.S. system as well. Ie – you won’t have to pay U.S. Self employment tax.

What makes Italy different, is that this only applies to Italian citizens. Non-citizens of Italy must pay into the US Social security system. Exemption from SECA tax for self-employed US citizens/green card holders residing in Italy is granted only to Italian citizens.

Non-citizens of Italy must pay self-employment to the US Social Security system. Most people make contributions to the Italian social security system (INPS) – to receive social benefits and medical coverage – yet, those contributions cannot be claimed for exemption from US SECA tax Self-Employment Contributions Act (SECA) – unless the taxpayer is a citizen of Italy.

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