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How To Confirm Receipt Of Your Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR), Form TD F 90-22.1

Form TD F 90-22.1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (also known as FBAR) must be received (not mailed or postmarked) by June 30 each year.

In order to confirm that the report was received on time, you can use a courier (EUR 40-60 or more) or send by registered mail, both of which can be tracked and require a signature at the other end.  We would recommend sending registered, but keep in mind that it can take 2-3 weeks (or more) for post to be “received” in the US, so send as early as possible.

If you send your FBAR by regular mail (or any other method for that matter), you can get verification of filing by sending a check for $5.00 (for up to 10 accounts), made payable toInternal Revenue Service, to:

IRS Detroit Computing Center
Compliance Review Team
Attn:  Verification
P.O. Box 32063
Detroit, MI  48232-0063

You should include your name, address and Social Security Number (or ITIN) with the request.

This sounds great, but unless you are reallyearly, you won’t find out if they havenot received your form until after June 30, since it takes a few weeks to process and another few weeks to get back to you in Europe, potentially exposing you to severe penalties.