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New Indictment of U.S. Tax Return Preparers & Enablers re Offshore Bank & Related Activity

In a First Superseding Indictment, here, filed June 14, 2012 in CD CA, three principals of a tax return preparation service, United Revenue Service (“URS”) were indicted.  The DOJ Tax Press Release is here.

URS operated in several states under variations of the name URS.  The individuals include David Kalai and Nadav Kalai, who are Israeli citizens who subsequently became naturalized U.S. citizens.  Various clients are identified with initials in the indictment.

The charge is the ubiqitous Klein conspiracy, 18 USC 371, to impair or impede the lawful functions of the IRS.  (See par. 20.)

Interesting allegations are:

12.  Bank A was a large financial institution headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Bank A currently describes itself as maintaining a “premier position in the world of international private banking11 with private bankers who will be a customer’s “loyal and discreet consultant.” Bank A currently advertises that it has “more than 336 branches and representations across 18 countries worldwide, including banking operations in Luxembourg (hereinafter “Bank A Luxembourg”).

13. Bank B was a mid-size financial institution headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Bank B offered private banking services it currently describes as being tailored to a customer’s “preferred communications channels and information”  while “maintaining total discretion.” Bank B advertises a “worldwide presence on four continents through subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices,” including a branch of its Swiss ba,nking operations located in Luxembourg (hereinafter “Bank B Swit.zerland-Luxembourg Branch”)


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