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Is It Really Better to E-File?

2011 broke the record for tax fraud cases, and it’s seeming likely that 2012 will leave that record in the dust. Every time I get on the internet, I find article upon article about how people are so easily claiming refunds they haven’t earned online.

How come the IRS punishes the victim of Florida penitentiary inmates claiming her refund, instead of finding a way to keep Florida inmates from filing returns at all? With all of these stories I keep hearing, is it REALLY better to e-file?

The IRS tells us that it is easier, faster, and safer to e-file your tax returns. But, is that really the truth of it? Let’s discuss each of the three reasons the IRS recommends that you e-file your tax returns.

1. It’s Easier to E-File

Yet, there’s strong evidence of computing errors in the tax software used by these providers. And, the IRS doesn’t conduct any tests on this software. So, is it really easier to file online if your tax return comes out incorrect, and you have to file an amended return (which has to be done on paper) or worse…?

2. It’s Faster to E-File

When you e-file a tax return it takes 10 to 21 days to receive your refund. If you mail a paper return, it takes 4 to 8 weeks.

3. It’s Safer to E-File

Really? I mean. Really? C’mon…really? I’m sure that mailing in a paper return carries its risks as well. However, it is SO much easier for identity thieves to snag your sensitive information and refunds on the computer. Crooks aren’t really known for their love of taking the more difficult route.

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