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Expats debate: ‘I am amazed at how much my taxes have been cut over Obama’s term’

Early in George W. Bush’s first term asU.S.president, he temporarily cut taxes for all Americans. President Barack Obama, who renewed all the so-called Bush tax cuts in 2010, is now saying that the rates for those who make more than $250,000 should return to their higher, pre-2001 levels.

As Mr. Obama turns income inequality and raising taxes on the rich into a campaign focus, we asked Canadians in theU.S.how the issue of paying taxes was playing out in their states.



David Levine, lawyer in New York City:

I mostly hear about taxes and tax rates from those who self-identify as Republican, but rarely from Democrats, even thoughNew York Cityis very Democrat and is one of the highest-taxed jurisdictions for a number of reasons. First, we not only pay federal and (very high, comparatively) state taxes on our income, but also city taxes.

Secondly, we tend to earn much higher amounts than the average citizen of theUnited States, mostly because this city is a very expensive place to live.

Jeff Gebhart, IT manager in Oak Ride, Tenn.:

This comes down to the fundamental question that dominatesU.S.politics: Who is better able to spend money? The individual or the government?

Jonathan Havercroft, professor in Norman, Okla.:

I am actually of the view that all income taxes should reset to their pre-Bush tax cut levels.

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