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Tax filing preparation checklist

In addition to the tax statements that are arriving this month, you’ll need some other information to file your return.

Today’s Daily Tax Tip offers a checklist of what to round up, for either yourself if you plan to file on your own or for your tax professional.

General information and documents that will be useful include:

  • Social Security numbers for yourself, your spouse and all dependents.
  • Last year’s federal return. If you live in a state that collects taxes, dig out that old return, too. They can serve as guides to this year’s filing.
  • Records of estimated tax payments you made last year, both to the U.S. Treasury as well as your state tax department.
  • The personal identification number (PIN) you used when you e-filed last year. You’ll need your PIN or your adjusted gross income (AGI) to verify your identity so you can electronically submit your return again this year. If you don’t have it, you can select a new PIN for this year’s filing.
  • W-2s for wages and salaries.
  • If you receive tips as part of your job, records of those payments.
  • Out of work for a while last year? Make sure you have your W-2G showing the unemployment you received.
  • Gambling proceeds.
  • Alimony documentation. Payments an ex receives are taxable income. The payer can deduct the spousal support amounts.
  • Retiree income statements for both pensions and IRAs, as well as Social Security benefits.
  • Retirement plan contribution statements.
  • 1098s for mortgage interest paid. If you bought your house last year, pull out that closing statement; it contains valuable tax information.
  • 1099s for interest, dividends and miscellaneous payments.
  • K-1s from partnerships, S corporations, estates and trusts.

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