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Lauryn Hill Still Paying for Tax Evasion After Having Been Released From Prison

lauryn-hill-prison-penalties-tax-evasionAlthough there were skeptics who believed that Lauryn Hill would be able to evade a prison sentence with her ‘star status’, she served her 3 month prison sentence for tax evasion.

Lauryn Hill was sent to federal prison in July, 2013, for failure to meet her tax obligation or more than $1M. She served her time in Danbury, CT, and was released on October 4, 2013. While celebrities tend to receive special treatment in the American justice system, Hill’s celebrity status did not help her avoid imposition of criminal penalties.

Hill’s defense for not having paid her taxes was that she needed to provided for her 6 children and was no longer receiving income from her music career. Investigations, however, revealed that she received over $2M from tax year 2005 to tax year 2009 through a variety of side projects.

After having been released from prison, Lauryn Hill is still facing house arrest, probation, and punitive fees assessed by the IRS.

Lauryn Hill has already paid $970K in taxes and fines, and she is still obligated to pay another $61K to the IRS for additional penalties. In addition to her 3 month prison sentence, Hill has been sentenced to 3 months of house arrest and will be monitored through a supervised released program for another year after that.

Lauryn Hill is returning to the industry to help pay the high price of tax evasion.

Soon after having been released from prison, Hill released a new single, “Consumerism,” in a record contract with Sony. The song targets social issues like capitalism and corporate greed. No doubt her inspiration for the song came from her being charged by the United States for not giving away half of her income.

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